Diebold Nixdorf DuraLeaf Optima

Next-generation thermal paper

Diebold Nixdorf has developed the thermal paper of the future: DuraLeaf Optima

We have many years of experience in the production of paper for receipt and statement rolls. Now, after intensive research, we have been able to eliminate the use of bisphenols and other softening agents in the production of our new DuraLeaf Optima paper for statement printers.

Functionally certified and durable

High quality is essential for thermal paper statements. They are subject to legal requirements for archiving and must remain legible for up to ten years. So we subjected DuraLeaf Optima to extensive testing. It has very high image stability and its printouts remain legible long past
the statutory retention period.

With its high durability, long archivability of up to twelve years and high resistance to environmental influences, this paper satisfies Diebold Nixdorf quality standards even after long periods of storage. It also satisfies all requirements for Diebold Nixdorf quality functional certification
for statement printers.

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DuraLeaf Optima is produced without bisphenol.

Your staff and your customers no longer need to come into contact with this harmful substance. And of course, DuraLeaf Optima is functionally certified by Diebold Nixdorf to work with your statement printers. Diebold Nixdorf DuraLeaf Optima is the high-quality, durable and economical paper for banks that are concerned about the environment as well as cost-effectiveness.


According to the UBA (Germany’s main environmental protection agency), one of the most common sources of exposure to bisphenols is thermal paper, which is handled millions of times daily by customers, employees and service personnel.

Bisphenol is not tightly bound in the paper, so it can easily be transferred to the skin on contact. With Diebold Nixdorf DuraLeaf Optima, you can now use bisphenol-free statement paper.

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